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Date posted: June 6, 2014

Author: Marketing Team

Wokingham in bloom – keeping your garden great Thumbnail

Wokingham in bloom – keeping your garden great

Gardening is no longer simply an elegant, rewarding pastime for the green-fingered; it can have a significant effect on the price of your property, too. Home buyers looking for their dream property tend to include the condition of the garden along with the number of bedrooms, location and catchment area on their list of essential factors.

Not only that, the front garden is the first area of the property that prospective homeowners will see. Ensuring that it creates a great first impression is therefore vital for selling a property; a well-kept garden, pathway and fence is immediately appealing and can add a significant sum to the overall sale price if done properly.

But having a gorgeous garden isn't just about acquiring money; it's also about beauty.

In bloom

Wokingham gardeners are being called upon to spruce up the town's array of greenery. Hanging baskets, community orchards, allotments and more will be given a touch-up by some of the town's finest gardeners, as well as some primary school helpers, in a bid to win the Thames and Chilterns in Bloom competition.

The town's bid is based on the council's management of more than 60 hanging baskets, six parks and open spaces, four gardening competitions and more than 300 allotment plots. Taking part in the competition not only puts Wokingham on the map but ensures the historic town remains an attractive, beautiful place to live.

Jenny Gilbert, of Wokingham Horticultural Association, spoke to about the town's bid: “To be invited to participate in this prestigious national event should create great civic pride and give us all, the townsfolk, the opportunity to be involved in enhancing and promoting our historic and attractive market town.”

So, what can homeowners do to not only boost their property's value, but make their area a more attractive place to live?

Having a tidy up

Debris, leaves and litter are a gardener's gripe. Whenever you think you've tidied your front and back gardens, the wind always has a habit of blowing rogue bits of litter or fallen leaves into your garden. As a result, it's worth keeping a consistent schedule of tidying to keep your gardens pristine, whatever the time of year.

You should also keep your flower beds weeded, lawns mown and hedges clipped to ensure your gardens don't look overgrown and out of control. Decking, patios, gates, terraces and garden furniture will also need to be cleaned as stains and moss can make your garden look unsightly. Hot soapy water can clean most areas but it might be worth adding a layer of paint or treatment to give your garden furniture that 'brand new' finish.

Finally, add some plants to your garden to give it a dash of colour. With summer in full swing, flowers with bright, bold, colourful petals can make your garden attractive in the summer sun.

As an area that provides a warm, relaxing atmosphere, the garden is an increasingly important aspect of not only selling property but also setting the right tone for a town or city.