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Date posted: November 20, 2013

Author: Marketing Team

What can you do in under 30 minutes to make your home more desirable? Thumbnail

What can you do in under 30 minutes to make your home more desirable?

Numerous reports have claimed the property market is firmly out of the recession which sent prices plummeting and caused even the strongest markets to stagnate. Not only that, many have even claimed that growth levels are approaching those of the years leading up to the crash, with many areas around the UK seeing prices completely reverse their recent fortunes.

This has brought about a perfect storm for property buyers, with more homes starting to enter the market, whilst mortgages are suddenly much more attainable. Whilst this positivity can also be good news for buyers, it also means there is more competition in the market, so thought needs to be given to making a property really stand out.

For this, free time and a busy schedule should be no excuse, as there are plenty of options that can be completed in half an hour or less.

Clean the windows

Estimated time: 15 minutes.

Cleaning the windows is one of the best 'quick fixes' in a seller's arsenal, given that it requires very little work but offers an excellent end result.

A clean cloth and window cleaning spray will be all the tools required to clean windows both inside and out. On ground level, this is relatively straightforward, but may require a tad more effort when going onto the upper floor (or even beyond). For anyone without a ladder or a fear of heights, there should be a local window cleaner who can do the job – often at very reasonable rates.

Once completed, it should make the whole place look not only cleaner, but much brighter as well.

Pack away clutter

Estimated time: depends

The time spent on clearing up clutter depends on how much there is in the first place, but if it takes longer than 30 minutes then it really needs doing as it can otherwise put nearly all buyers off in a heartbeat.

Clutter around the home not only makes the place look untidy, it also makes it look small. Rooms that are full of items seem tiny and cramped, regardless of whether or not this is actually the case. In addition, clutter screams out “there isn't enough storage in this home” and has the potential to turn even the most enthused buyers on heel.

Pop it all into the attic, garage or in storage, and everything should look much more appealing.


Estimated time – 10 minutes

Your quirky mauve chandelier or furry, cow-hide rug may well be your pride and joy, but chances are they aren't to everyone's tastes. Many buyers can look past this and see just what they would do with the place, but it's wise not to give them unnecessary hoops through which to jump.

Instead, remove anything particularly out of the ordinary and it shouldn't then be too much of a task for the imagination to see just what the home has potential to be.

These are just a few of the little jobs that can be undertaken around the house in fewer than 30 minutes to give the place a real lift. Though as mentioned above, if they're threatening to take even longer, it's probably wise to start on them sooner rather than later, as this could mean they really need to be done.