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Date posted: May 15, 2019

Author: Marketing Team

Top tips to help you get a quick sale

Putting your house on the market this Spring? In a challenging market, it’s more important than ever to make your home as attractive as possible to prospective buyers. We’ve compiled our top tips to help you get viewers excited about your home and coming back for a second visit.

1. Make a good first impression

It’s all about first impressions when someone comes to view your home. You don’t want them to be confronted with a pile of shoes, coats or umbrellas when they step across your threshold.

Make sure the porch and entrance to your house are bright, tidy and welcoming. Even cleaning your front door can make a huge difference. You want to create a homely feel for your house viewer.

2. Clear worktops and declutter

You should aim to create as much of a wow factor as possible in your main living spaces: chiefly the living room and kitchen. A tidy room should never be underestimated, especially as dirty or cluttered rooms can be an immediate turn off for some buyers. The trick is to make your home look ‘just lived in enough’.

Make sure tables, chairs and sofas are clutter-free, with magazines and books either artfully arranged or stowed away. Don’t leave things like children’s toys and unused gym equipment lying around as it will make the property feel smaller. Bulky furniture should be switched, if possible, for smaller items.

When showcasing your kitchen, you want to demonstrate that it’s a tidy and organised space, but also a functioning room. Clear surfaces of too many gadgets, to ensure there are plenty of preparation areas on show and make sure shelves are tidy.

3. Have a thorough clean

A good deep clean from top to bottom can help your house truly sparkle when people come to view your home. Make sure no surfaces are missed and that skirting boards, doors, frames and light switches get a good wipe down. Decorators wipes can help to remove scuff marks, but be sure to use them carefully to avoid removing any paint.

Don’t forget the garden! Patios and decking will benefit from a blast with a pressure washer and garden furniture should also be cleaned up. Cut back bushes and make sure the lawn is mowed.


Sell your home quickly

4. Add a lick of paint

A lick of paint around your house is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to really freshen up your property and enhance its appeal.

Neutral colours are the most desirable to buyers; a fresh coat of paint will brighten up your home, it can make rooms seem larger and will allow would-be buyers to envisage themselves living in the space. Even if strong colours once appealed, or bold statement wallpapers were flavour of the month, now is definitely the time to go neutral.

5. Make the place feel light and airy

Using mirrors to create the illusion of space is an old staple for interior designers and it can work when you’re trying to show off your home too. Long, full-length mirrors in hallways immediately draw the eye of the viewer and can make a narrow area appear more spacious.

Ensure that you have lamps on in any dark corners and that you replace any broken bulbs. You can even consider putting a soft lamp in the bathroom to create a warm glow.

6. Make sure your home smells good

Good smells can make a property feel like an alluring home. While it is impractical to bake fresh bread or brew fresh coffee for every viewer that visits your home, room diffusers can give your home a fresh fragrance.

Bad smells can be a major turn-off so be sure to deal with any unpleasant or pet odours.  Clear drains, wash bins, open windows and rid the kitchen of old cooking smells.

7. Think about your pets

Whilst you might think your pet is adorable, others may not. Potential buyers may be allergic so make sure any pets are confined to one room (such as a utility room or the garden) or if possible removed from the home during viewings.

Animals can also detract attention away from your property, leaving them with a neighbour or family member will ensure buyers are kept focused on your home.

8. Pick a reputable agent

Choosing the right estate agent will be the quickest way to get a sale agreed on your home. At Michael Hardy, as part of our service, all our clients benefit from top-quality professional photography that showcases your home in the most flattering light. We believe that with most property searches these days starting online, presenting your home beautifully will be quickest route to getting those first viewings booked in.

To discuss listing your property or to get further advice on preparing your home for sale, call us on Wokingham 0118 977 6776 or Crowthorne 01344 779 999.