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Date posted: July 7, 2016

Author: Marketing Team

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Home Packing Tips For Moving

So moving day is almost here and with all of your possessions still to pack, the time for procrastination is over. Where on earth should you begin? It’s a daunting task that seems like it could take forever. Fear not, though, there are ways to ease the stress and ensure everything goes smoothly.

Below are some of our top tips to help you get through the process, with mind and wits intact. Before you know it, you’ll be unpacking at the other end.

Get your priorities in order

Before you even think about sourcing boxes, get together and identify your packing priorities. If you’re not moving for a couple of weeks, you’ll need to keep some things out and handy, so focus on the stuff that won’t be missed immediately.

Prime candidates here include:

  • Clothing you don’t wear regularly
  • Items usually kept in the loft
  • Music and movie collections
  • Non-favourite toys
  • Garden furniture

Keep these in the top section of a colour-coded list, before looking at the things you might need access to a little sooner. If you can separate everything into different categories with this approach, you’ll know what to tackle first. Just make sure everyone involved has a copy, or stick it to the family notice board for easy reference.

Order your supplies in advance

Use the list you’ve created to determine how many boxes you’re likely to need, and whatever number you come up with, add a couple just to be sure. Then consider rolls of tape and markers, so you can keep everything secure and organised.

With the final shopping list to hand, make your order in plenty of time. Depending on which supplier you’re using, these things can take time, and delays will only get in the way of a smooth move.


If you’re moving alone, you get the benefit of doing everything exactly how you like. You’ll probably have fewer things to move, too! If the whole family is moving, however, you’ll have help getting everything in order.

Everyone (within reason!) should pitching in, one way or another. It may be that each family member focuses on their own belongings first, before moving on to the communal items, like furniture and food.

Whichever way you do it, just make sure you all know which tasks you’re responsible for. And tick them off as you go!

Have a big clear-out session

Packing tips don’t come much more useful than this one, nor any simpler. The more stuff you have to move, the more effort it’ll require – so use this as an opportunity to declutter.

There’s bound to be stuff you haven’t used in ages, or perhaps some clothes you stopped wearing long ago. Maybe there are toys that the kids don’t play with anymore. Whatever it is, offload it by either donating to charity or holding a car boot sale. A donation will help someone else and is quick to do, while a sale will help you raise a little extra cash to go towards the move.

You’d be surprised at how much better the decluttering will make you feel – not only is it a weight off your shoulders, everything will be much tidier when you settle in your next home.

Cushion your valuables!

Transporting valuables and fragile items from one place to another will always be a little scary; that priceless vase that has sat comfortably on the mantelpiece for years is now at risk of being dropped, and the giant mirror could well take an accidental hit in transit. It pays, therefore, to be extra careful.

If you’re boxing stuff up, try filling the gaps with something soft. Scrunched-up newspaper is the cheap way to do it, but bubble wrap would be more effective. Again, order well in advance to ensure you have enough to cover everything that needs protecting.

Try getting into the habit of putting heavier and sturdier boxes at the bottom when you’re stacking as well – this will help to stop them collapsing into one another and causing further breakages.

Keep your essentials handy

Try to keep a bag or box aside to carry all of your essentials – the stuff you might need without any notice. We’re thinking medicines, toiletries, phone chargers and paperwork. This way, you won’t be left having to dig to the bottom of a packed box or, even worse, needing to pay out for extras.

Keep the end-goal in sight

Last but certainly not least, be sure to stay positive throughout. There’s a lot of work to do but when all is packed and moved, you’ll be able to sit back, pour a drink and enjoy your new surroundings. The thought of that should help you through!