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Date posted: March 6, 2015

Author: Marketing Team

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How to stage a bathroom to sell your home

A bathroom is almost as much a priority for home buyers as the kitchen, so smartening yours in order to achieve a quick sale, or even increase the price, can be a great idea.

Having a complete refit of your bathroom may add as much as three to five per cent to the overall value, according to HomeFixDirect. Of course, the costs of renovating can really add up; with the average price of a complete bathroom makeover coming in around £3,000, says However, it’s possible that a brand new bathroom could add as much as £11,500 to a house worth £230,000, so should be a real consideration.

This isn’t guaranteed, though, and will depend hugely on the individual property, so ought to be carefully considered. You may also like to consider adding an ensuite. While this can add as much as six per cent to the house value, it’s important that it isn’t at the expense of something essential like a bedroom.

If this type of outlay is not financially viable for you, there are many other simple ways in which to make your current bathroom look the best it can and entice potential buyers. Be aware that viewers won’t spend a lot of time looking around the bathroom compared to other rooms, so making a good impression fast is key.

Give your bathroom a deep clean

Your bathroom needs to radiate cleanliness; make it easy for the buyer to want your home. This means absolutely no mould, mildew or limescale. Also pay attention to light fittings, windows and extractor fans. In short, make sure everything is sparkling, as this will create the impression your home is well loved and cared for. Finally, give the room (and the whole house) a good airing to rid any unwanted odours; a little bit of air freshener never goes amiss!

After you’ve done all this scrubbing, be sure to hide away all cleaning supplies, as these will remind the potential buyer of maintenance and take away from the idea of bliss you are trying to create.

With moving in your sights, now is as good a time as any to de-clutter. Not only will this make things easier when it comes to the time-consuming packing process, but a tidy house with minimal clutter will be much easier to sell. Create a blank canvas by removing any personal items and products, this includes the inside of cabinets and cupboards – buyers may well look inside to see what kind of space there is so make sure they are not full to bursting.

Staged bathroom with luxury mirrors, marble and taps

This leads nicely onto…

Show off your bathroom storage space

Buyers are looking for a home with plenty of space for all their stuff (the same ‘stuff’ that you’ve just de-cluttered, somewhat ironically!), so show off the fact that there will be room to grow and expand into the space. If there is not enough room, store some of your items elsewhere for now. Baskets make a great solution as they can easily be removed and hidden before a viewing.

Carry out all repairs and replacements needed for bathroom fixtures and fittings

Paint is relatively inexpensive and a fresh coat of neutral-coloured paint can work wonders when selling your house. Look to replace any worn or stained grout and sealant. It’s recommended that any broken fixtures are fixed or replaced, such as cracked sinks and leaking taps; small repair jobs such as these can add up in a buyers mind and weight a decision against your home.

Updating small fixtures like towel racks or blinds don’t cost a lot but can help with that first impression. If you have rather dated décor then replacing things like tiles can be a great idea. Simply switching to large white tiles offers a contemporary feel and can make what is often the smallest room in the house feel larger.

Now is the time to get rid of a worn or dirty shower curtain, invest in a fresh new one and perhaps a new rug and a couple of ‘show’ towels. If you have selected a neutral colour scheme then inject a pop of colour with these accessories.

Finally, replace light bulbs to maximise the brightness and lighten the atmosphere. Consider using a maximum wattage, particularly for bathrooms with no natural light.

Following these simple steps will help get your bathroom ready for a quick sale! Check back for our next blog in the series which will look at presenting your garden for sale.