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Date posted: March 24, 2014

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Getting in and out of Wokingham – journey times to nearby places

Situated in the quaint surroundings of Berkshire in South East England, Wokingham is an ideal place for both families and young professionals to settle down.

Much of the market town has been redeveloped over the last 80 or so years, helping the council attract a raft of new residents. Still, although the area has its own green spaces, town centre and highly regarded schools to marvel over, sometimes it pays to know what's on the outside in order to assess how well-connected a place is.

If you're thinking of moving to Wokingham, here are some of the ways you can get in and out of the town.

By car…

Wokingham is in close proximity to a number of desirable locations, including Reading, Maidenhead and Farnborough, though many of its new residents can be found searching for directions into London.

The capital can be reached via a 40-mile journey down the M4, taking just over an hour without congestion. Of course, journey times in and out of one of Britain's busiest cities can vary, so it might be an idea to set off a tad earlier to ensure you arrive on time.

This very same route can be used to find Maidenhead in just under half an hour, while Farnborough can be reached with a 35-minute trip down the A325.

The 11.3 mile journey from Wokingham to Reading should take around 25 minutes along a series of A roads heading west, while a trip to Bracknell takes just 15 minutes through a similar kind of route heading east.

Of course, travelling by car is optional, and there are other ways of reaching places outside of Wokingham.

By train…

The train is a popular method of transport for residents in Wokingham, thanks chiefly to the area's very own rail station.

Located just off Station Road, Wokingham (or WKM) offers services into London every ten minutes. Trains via Reading and into Paddington run several times an hour, with those going straight into Waterloo arriving every 20 minutes. Some of the quicker services will take between 45-50 minutes to get into the capital, but even those with more stops and other obstacles to contend with shouldn't take longer than an hour and 15 minutes to reach their destination.

Reading is even easier to access by rail, with services arriving every quarter of an hour and taking between 15 minutes from stop to stop. Some of the other nearby train stations include Farnborough (one service every hour, 16 minutes), Fleet (one service every half hour, 55 minutes) and Bracknell (one service every half hour, six minutes).

By bus…

Finally, for short distances in and around Wokingham, there's always the option of catching a bus.

Services provided by Thames Travel and First run frequently around the town and offer a cut-price alternative to hailing a taxi. These go as far as destinations like Reading (55 minutes) and Twyford (25 minutes) as well as through Wokingham itself. Most of the stops can be found in the town centre, although plenty more are scattered around the wider area.