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Date posted: February 9, 2016

Author: Marketing Team

Crowthorne: A property audit Thumbnail

Crowthorne: A property audit

Crowthorne's popularity among home-hunters continues to grow, and we are in no way surprised. Situated just south of Bracknell, the quaint village manages to retain its quiet community feel while still offering everything residents might need on a day-to-day basis.

It's not just us singing Crowthorne's praises either. It was voted the second best place to live in all of England and Wales in the 2013 Family Friendly Hotspots Report, a survey based on school performances, average salaries and property prices.

If Crowthorne has made your list of potential moving destinations, you'll benefit from taking a closer look at the market there at present. With this in mind, here's a rundown of everything you need to know.

A variety of properties

Crowthorne's market comprises a variety of different homes. Despite the village's small size, the majority of its properties are detached, with 87 of the 157 available at time of writing having no immediate neighbours. Next up is semi-detached, with 35 currently up for sale, followed by flats (25) and terraced houses (4).

Four-bedroom homes make up the biggest proportion of the market today, with 55 currently available. Three-beds (42) are second-most common, with two-beds (27) and five-beds (16) following. Those looking for a one-bedroom property may struggle, with just eight on the market at present.

A guide to prices

The majority of sales in Crowthorne throughout 2015 were – somewhat unsurprisingly – detached properties, with an average price of £623,833. Semi-detached homes sold for considerably less, with an average of £369,122, while flats fetched £214,081.

Overall, the average price in Crowthorne stands at £438,268 – similar to nearby Wokingham (£431,296), another hugely popular location. This figure has risen 14 per cent since 2014, and 23 per cent on 2013.

Nearby areas as comparison

For a little perspective, it can help to look at what's on offer in the towns and villages that surround Crowthorne. As mentioned already, prices are similar just three miles away in Wokingham. You will, however, likely find cheaper properties in Bracknell – where the overall average stands at £323,241 – and Sandhurst, which has a price of £328,267. Just remember, you often get what you pay for – as places to live go, Crowthorne really is difficult to beat.

On the other side of the line is Finchampstead, where the overall average is a higher £562,616. Homes are also considerably pricier six miles away in Ascot; here, the average is £679,859.

The rental market

If you're looking for something a little less permanent, there are a few rental opportunities in Crowthorne. At time of writing, there are 54 available – 29 houses and 25 flats. The overall average rent in the area is £1,340 per calendar month, but cheaper homes can certainly be found. Those at the lower end of the market don't tend to stay around for long, though, so act quickly if this is what you're after.

Now, all of these figures will fluctuate – as is the nature of the property industry – but they should give you a decent idea of what's currently going on in the Crowthorne market at present. To find out more about the area and what's on offer, it's definitely worth speaking to the expert team at Michael Hardy.