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Date posted: April 7, 2024

Author: Marketing Team

A Guide To Depersonalising Your Home Before Selling Thumbnail

A Guide To Depersonalising Your Home Before Selling

There are numerous ways to make a home ready to sell, but many sellers don’t realise the importance of removing their personal touch from the property.

Your home reflects the life you’ve lived there, so to make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to see themselves moving in, take the time to make each room a neutral space – a blank canvas the new owners can visualise working for them.

This can be a difficult task, it’s not always easy to see your own home and possessions with impartiality or to begin the process of packing up your belongings. At Michael Hardy, we’re happy to lend a second pair of eyes and provide an unbiased professional opinion on depersonalisation to help your property be in its best sale-ready condition.

Remember that when potential buyers are viewing a house, they want to be able to imagine themselves living there, so removing your personal touch from your home is a key part of sale preparation. It’s important to make time to depersonalise each room before your marketing photos are taken for maximum impact – this guide walks you through how to do just that in 6 steps.

1. Be objective

  • Remember your house is a product you are selling
  • Your goal is to sell quickly and get the best offers
  • Keep these things in mind to help you stay impartial

2. Remove artwork

  • Take down photos, certificates or awards that may contain personally identifying information
  • The same goes for paintings and prints, especially anything provocative or controversial
  • Don’t forget the fridge! Your child’s artwork, photos, magnets etc…

3. Don’t ‘typecast’ rooms’

  • A potential buyer may be looking for a different setup to yours in terms of room usage
  • Remove possessions like sports equipment, toys or paperwork – anything that defines a room as having a set purpose
  • Pack up any collectibles that may be visually distracting or look cluttered

4. Declutter

  • Clutter in your home may make buyers feel concerned they will be cluttered there too
  • Think ‘show home’ – a clean, minimalistic look
  • Clear surfaces of anything personal, keep just a few neutral and tasteful items on display

5. Think about pets

  • While you may love pets, some buyers won’t. If possible, find someone to look after your dog or cat etc during home viewings
  • Remove pet food bowls and beds, litter trays and pet toys before viewings
  • Make sure your carpets and furniture are free of pet hair

6. A second pair of eyes

  • It can be tricky spotting every distracting personal touch in your home – ask friends and family for their view
  • The team at Michael Hardy are happy to offer a professional and unbiased eye

We hope you find this guide helpful, and do get in touch with us if we can help with the sale of your home!